Fish City Albany has a full marine workshop. We’re out there on the water ourselves and know how to set your boat up and make it safe.

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Fish City Albany is a MercuryMercruiser Authorised dealer, our technicians specialise in servicing all major brands including Yamaha, Honda, Evinrude, Suzuki, and Johnson.
(we are also Sensa-Brake authorised)

  • Engine & Boat Repairs, Rebuilds & Maintenance.
  • Installing the latest gear, from Outboards to Electronics and Chandlery.
  • We Service and Rig all major brands of Outboards and Inboards
  • Service reminders, don’t get caught out again!

Parts Department
Fish City Albany holds a considerable amount of parts in stock and if needed will order in any parts for your boat or motor.

Tip: Preventative maintenance on your engine, hull or trailer is important and can save you in the long run, especially when storing your boat over long periods.


Ph: 09 476 4282 
email: service@saltysmarine.co.nz

Maintenance Tips & Advice

Outboards & Sterndrives

  • Always flush your engine with fresh water after use.
  • Make use of Saltaway to keep your engine water galleries clear.
  • Use Quicksilver Corrosion Guard, Inox or a comparable product to keep the externals of your engine clean and clear of salt build-up.
  • Fuel Stabilisers are a good idea as modern fuel contains alcohol which will attract moisture, leaving water in your fuel tank.
    This is the worst outcome for any engine, potentially causing a multitude of expensive damages.
  • Water separating fuel filters will assist in removing water from the fuel, they are easily fitted to most boats and  provide an inexpensive remedy.


  • Storage Seal spray will protect the engine internally when left for long periods.
  • Grease points, but DON’T use automotive grease, use good quality marine grease.
  • Batteries should be charged before and during storage to keep them in good condition.
  • Regular servicing of your engine every 12 months or 100 hours will make it more reliable and keep you and your family safe.
  • Always adhere to the Manufacturer’s Warranty conditions.
  • Steering systems are an important part of the engine-servicing schedule and should be checked annually by an authorised or qualified marine dealer for safety reasons.


  • Flush your trailer after use with Saltaway.
  • Grease Wheel Bearings regularly, for best results fit Bearing Buddies
  • Fish City Albany are Sensabrake agents for North Island.


  • Beware of sinkers or hooks etc under-floor. Dissimilar metals cause corrosion to the hull, creating holes from the inside out.
  • Remove carpets so they can dry out, fill the boat up to floor level with fresh water regularly and allow to drain and dry.

Good Practice

  • Change the lubricant in your engine transmission or the outboard lower unit
  • Apply fogging if called for by manufacturer
  • Drain the boat’s fuel tanks as much as possible
  • Fill the boat’s fuel tanks completely full
  • Add biocide and/or stabilizing agents to fuel
  • Change the fuel filters
  • Add antifreeze to the engine’s cooling system
  • Add distilled water to batteries, charge completely and disconnect
  • Always Charge batteries to capacity

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